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Because everybody needs a little Wet!Darcy in their lives. ^^

Icons are fun! I snagged a bunch from [info]iconzicons and stuck them in my photobucket for easy access.  I heart them, and the creators whom I give all credit, and many thanks for sharing, to.   

All of the icons found here are credited to iconzicons as well.
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

SPOILERY POST! If you don't want to hear some of the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, do NOT read forward.

I've just finished the seventh and final (and the most AMAZING, imho) HP book, and have been carousing some fan forums today. My mind is literally buzzing with thoughts on the book and shared comments of other fans...But premier of all, I feel I have to share why I think the ending was done perfectly.

The tale that JKR set out to tell was one between Harry and Voldemort, and she was wildly sucessful at it. JKR has exceeded my expectations and hopes for the seventh book by bounds, and I know she's worked tirelessly at it for a long, long time. The story arc she created ended with the defeat of voldemort - but not the characters. The characters lives went on...there were, of course, many repurcussions in the wizarding world after the world was over, and I'm sure Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the order's lives were changed forever as well. But Jo Rowling got done what she wanted to get done...the story she wanted to tell us wasn't about all of the after-affects of a magical war and the lives of the survivors: it was how they got there in the first place. Though JKR's story ends with the Death of Voldemort and the last chapter of the book, the lives of the characters she has created, whom have become so real to so many people, did not. She wanted to put in a word about them beyond the story she told, which she was absolutely entitled to (they were originally her characters, after all).

What JKR gave us in the epilogue was space to make our own world from where she's left off! Nineteen years for the fans to fill the gaps she's left open and unattended. What does the order do after the war? What happens with the ministry, the death eaters whom escaped, and what do Ron, Hermione and Harry do for those nineteen undescribed years? What happens in those 6-8 years in their relationships before the children start arriving? ;) These questions, and the answers to them, leave plenty of space for the fan community to expand on and form their own ideas and stories. JKR has been active in the Harry Potter fan community for quite some time: She has admitted to posting in fan forums, has eluded to having read fanfiction (peeves' mouldy-voldie comments made me giggle happily on that account), and has perused many well-known fan sites like MuggleNet and the leaky cauldron.

I believe JKR wanted to leave plenty of room for the fans to be creative, and do what they love doing: using their imagination! Our heroes' lives continue on, and she's given a direction for us to go in. So, for those of you itching to know exactly WHAT happens in those nineteen years, and for those of you who are upset that it's been left undecided, I tell you: decide for yourselves. Take the inspiration of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny's futures that she's left for us, and create your own world. Write your stories, share your ideas of what may have happened with others! There are plenty of fans who want to explore the new world that lies ahead of us and the characters of Harry Potter's universe, and everyone's ideas and opinions matter in it! In a world of magic, there will always be a tale to tell, a mystery to solve...but we are now the magic makers. There's a whole world in our hands, our minds and our imaginations.

As Steven King so eloquently has put it:

"The Internet blog sites will be full of this was bad and that was wrong, but it's going to boil down to something that many will feel and few will come right out and state: No ending can be right, because it shouldn't be over at all. The magic is not supposed to go away."

Heroes kick

I just got the internet back up at my apartment today, and to celebrate I learned how to customize my LJ layout. ^_^ I've been on a heroes kick lately, so I made a background and an icon out of a nifty pick of Sylar's lair that I found. I made a bunch of other icons for the characters, too. I'm starting to have a nice big collection of icons and I'm thinking of starting a community or another account to post icons to share...I've only used a small percentage of what I've made, I might as well do something with 'em. And I love to create icons and banners, so if anyone wants anything specific, just ask me anytime!

I see crazy people!

I heart the infamous nutrigrain advertisement, and babysitting my sister's kids today reminded me of it.
It inspired me to make a new icon and to try video imbedding. ^_^

You'll be glad you watched.
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All my past posts are now private, because I realised most of them were written for the sake of writing and getting my thoughts out. As such, they don't make sense to anyone else but me...

In the future, I will be choosing as I post whether to make it friends-accessable or private, so if you know me and you would like to be able to view my friends posts, please comment.